This is kind of weird…

From the NY Times story about the return of Ingrid Betancourt, a French-Colombian woman who had been held captive by rebel forces in Colombia for six years:

“We were not expecting that particular moment,” said chief presidential aide Claude Guéant declared on France 3…

Mr. Guéant said that the French were informed of Ms. Betancourt’s liberation only shortly before Colombian news reports started to appear.

In contrast, American officials were “engaged in the planning stages,” according to a White House spokesman, Gordon D. Johndroe, and President Bush was kept apprised of the project. In addition, Senator John McCain, the likely Republican presidential nominee who had been visiting Colombia this week, said that President Alvaro Uribe and his defense minister had briefed him on the operation on Tuesday night.

Aside from the poor grammar (Mr. Guéant both said and declared how surprised they were), it’s shocking to me that the Colombian government would keep all of France’s leaders in the dark about their plan to rescue one of their citizens, yet they obviously had help from the United States. Bush knew about it, and not only that, but apparently President Uribe briefed John McCain! They don’t tell the French president, but they tell a U.S. presidential candidate about the rescue op for a French citizen?? So strange!

Unfortunately the article doesn’t talk any more about this weirdness, and there’s just a bunch of quotes from French people about how it’s all because of Sarkozy that she’s been rescued, and so on. I want to know more!!


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  1. Isn’t “anymore” a word denoting chronology? Isn’t what you mean “any more”?

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